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Jay Thomas told a funny story about Clayton Moore. I may not have the details 100% correct, but this is the gist of it as I remember it. Moore was appearing in Charlotte at a remote broadcast of a station client when Jay was PD at WAYS there. Moore didn’t have a car, so the staff was assigned to drive him where he needed to go. The last day of the remote ended late, and Moore had to get to the airport. Jay was to drive him there. To save some time, Moore stayed in his full Lone Ranger costume, probably similar to what you see here, thinking he could change after he’d checked in. On the way to the airport, Jay was rear-ended and the person who hit him complained that Jay had stopped too abruptly, and he and Jay were arguing. Moore was sitting in the passenger seat with the window down, hearing the argument and anxious about getting to the airport. So, he opened the door, stood up and said in that familiar TV voice, “Citizen, I’m a witness to the whole thing”. The other driver was shocked and said, “The Lone Ranger! Sir, I didn’t know you were here.” Jay said they quickly settled the matter and he was on his way.

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