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Back in the mid-70s I was fortunate to be one of the "3 Stooges" at WOLI98-FM in Ottawa, IL. Lee Malcolm, Howard Taylor & Captain Rabick!
Lee was the morning guy, Howard was afternoons and Me - "The Captain", or as Lee called me "Capn". It was us against the world as 3 guys working 6-7 days a week at the radio station located over the laundromat. Hey, it was a perk, put a long song on the turntable and rush downstairs to put the cloths in the dryer! It's sad that Howard's gone...I miss him.
And, I miss those early day's in my career with Lee & Howard. There's a wonderful picture in the Ottawa Newspaper of the three of us. I need to get it out, frame it and put it in my office.

Now, I'm with the National Top 40 Hall of Fame & Radio Museum in Chattanooga, TN broadcasting from the Historic "BIG JET-FLi" (WFLI-am-fm) 50,000 watts of Rock 'n' Roll Power! Go to www.WFLIonline.com - click on the LISTEN button every Sunday afternoon from 3p-5:30pm or Sunday Evening from 7pm-10 (Eastern) time. Also, check out www.OldiesCoastToCoast.com -- That's the name of my show...Oldies Coast-to-Coast(Tm) - America's Super '60s & '70s Rock 'n' Roll Radio Show...just like it used to be.

Hey, if anyone has an aircheck tape of "The Captain" on WOLI-FM98, approx. 1974-75, please contact me thru my website. I'd love to hear from ya!

The Captain
aka Jonathan Apple

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