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I am his sister and Gene is still alive today. I miss him so much. When our parents passed it was the last time I saw him.

I used to listen to Gene Nelson and Don Sherwood during the 60’s while delivering newspapers in the early morning. Don was fun but inconsistent. Gene on the other hand was fun and reliable all the way until he retired. I cried when he retired because he had been a mainstay in my life every morning until I was in my 40’s. I also stopped in at the Kailua Broiler in Kauai to hear of him.
Thanks for the memories, Gene. All the best.

Gene Nelson lived with his wife, Barbara just up the street from my Friedman Family House. Back in the 1960s, and for Jean Nelson was our youth leader at the Presbyterian Church on Bulkley Avenue, again in Sausalito.

I love going up to see Barbara as a kid and she was always available to listen to my woes and stories. Jay Nelson was the coolest guy I knew. I’m trying to figure out or find out if Jeanne is still alive, so any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Mark Friedman.

Gene Nelson, Gary Owens, Jim Lange, Jim Wayne of koby 1550 played all shook up when the sf. earthquake was going in 1957. Tom Donahue, and Bobby Mitchell. Put on cow palace shows. Casey at the mike. AKA Casey Kasem on kewb in San Francisco,!Legendary Don Sherwood. Sly Stone of kids the boss of the bay. Before Sly was famous. Radio was my best friend as a teenager and young adult.! Ron Owens and the talk show crew of the 80s was the last good thing in radio, radio personalities I mentioned were the greatest for keeping you happy because of there personalities. I was a paperboy listening to Gary Owens in the morning! Now radio isn’t worth turning on anymore.

Gene (the almost perfect body) Nelson. Entertained us in the mornings while getting ready for work. I looked forward to his weekly banter with John Madden. I was Raider ticker holder from 1968-1981. Now living I AZ, nothing compares to listening on the radio to good DJ’s.

I remember listening to 'The Emperor' at Playland at the Beach in SF playing 'Walk Don't Run' over the loudspeaker. Laughing Sal was doing her antics. Also, he was obviously pretty upset when Polly Klass was found dead, and the only time I talked to him, I called the radio station and gave him a verbal pat on the back. He was the best DJ, great memories of my youth.

Gene Nelson. I can’t help remembering at Christmas time your reading of a Christmas parable. It has touch my heart to this day. Too, you were obviously accepted as a friend of John Madden. I would never miss a morning conversation you had with him. I remember his ‘Road to Success winds through the city dump’. ‘You need to know had badly you can feel to know how good you can feel!’ I thought he was talking about football preseason 2 a day work outs until I realized he was talking about life itself. Even though I have never met you I know you would would be a good friend. I enjoyed your show and miss it to this day. I’m now 74 and retired with my wife of 50 years in Colorado. Best to you and your wife. I looked for you once in the bar on Kauai. I’m glad you survived the hurricane! Gratefully, Jim and Sandi

Gene Nelson was the best. He helped me get up and go to a dismal job, in a great mood. Hearing of the passing of John Madden made me remember how much I loved their conversations, even though I was not a football fan. I’ve never forgotten Pusser the 40+lb cat snoring. I still laugh when i remember that. Thank you
Emperor Gene

I used to listen to Emperor Gene Nelson on KYA back in the mid-60’s. He was my favorite DJ by a mile. Back in those being a great DJ was a big deal. He made it so.

last i had heard gene and his wife were living in napa area.gene is 85 now and left radio and ksfo at age 58 for retirement in hawai.he returned to sf in 2007 for family reasons and lived along the embarcadero until moving to napa.i've heard he's a pretty private person fter leaving radio.i miss gene.morning rdio is not the sme.

Wondering whether Emperor Nelson of legendary KYA radio San Francisco is still alive today. Can't find any current information on him on the internet. Anybody have any info?

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