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By the way, that is in like 1977-78 that I worked at WMYQ!! Bill Green

OMG! I can't believe this site exists, I was living in Miami and was a Senior at Miami High, I took the bus to the Radio Station on a Sunday and the DJ, Bill Scott let me in to pick up a record album I won from a call in contest. When I arrived, Bill Scott let me in the security door and I answered the request lines all day and all night the next morning they gave me a job!! I loved that place! Wow great memories, Mike Gable was the Promotion Director, the DJ's were (if I remember correctly) Jim Kelly, G-Michael Mckay, A guy everyone called Deano, Shannon something and the News Guy's last name I believe was something Hamilton? Anyway if anyone knows where any of the staffers are now, let me know. Bill Green

I was on air as Hurricane Hunter in 1974 along with the one and only Lee Baby Sims

Wow! Just for kicks, I Googled WMYQ and found this site! This was MY station as a teen living in South Florida. I was enamored with every personality jock that entertained me while I did my homework next to my wall covered with Music Surveys. I even named my cat Dee-Jay!

If there are still fans like me around, I just happen to have a collection of over 50 cassette tapes of my favorite dee-jays talking between the songs - everyone from my favorite, Robert L., to Don Cox and most all the guys pictured above, along with Robert W. Walker, Roby Yonge, and a few others. Hours of what I guess you would call "air-checks!" Anyone interested in digitizing them before they break down?

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