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I was 14 in 1967 and went with friends to Boss City hosted by Sam Riddle. I only saw the tape once. Sure wish those old shows had been saved!. Mark Lindsey was the performer. Great memories!

I was on Boss City, I believe it was 1967. Mark Lindsey performed. S Riddle was the host. I wish there were videos of those teen dance shows! We had so much fun!

Who sang the song till at your wedding?

The"whatever happened to Sam Riddle" question is easily answered. Sam is still in LA, and after the long run of "STAR SEARCH" ON TV,(Sam created the show hosted by Ed McMahon)he has pursued different TV concepts. and is currently very close to finalizing his latest TV Project which will be announced within a few weeks.

I believe it was 1969 when Sam left KHJ for the second time. He had left briefly in late 1965 to focus on the TV show he had been doing on channel 9 (KHJ-TV) when KHJ changed format in May, but he returned a few months later. He stayed until the end of the Ron Jacobs era, after which he went to KDAY and then the launch of KROQ. Then he ventured into other areas of entertainment. (Sam did return to KHJ in the mid-1970s, though). He was a writer for “Star Search”, and I believe he was involved with other productions as well, including starting his own television production company. During the radio days he also appeared in the movie “Hollywood Knights” and Elvis’s movie “Clambake”.

Sam riddle,that tape of your show from Hollywood a go-go involving dancing to let'dance-Chris Montez is my favorite music video.could those young people dance and what a song!sam,thanks for the great show:the best to you.james t. Renaud

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