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I knew Sam from when he attended Texas Tech in
Lubbock. He was a dj and one of the best in Lubbock.
I loved him dearly and would have went to California with him but I was
too young and in school. Never forgot my dear friend.
Condolences to his family.

I knew Sam from when he attended Texas Tech in
Lubbock. He was a dj and one of the best in Lubbock.
I loved him dearly and would have went to California with him but I was
too young and in school. Never forgot my dear friend.

RIP Sam Riddle

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Sam died yesterday, Sept 27, 2021


He was a friend and helped me get my career started, as I've heard from so many others. He will be missed. I'll raise a glass of Pino Grigio to Sam tonight, and anyone who would like to can donate to this GoFundMe to help his family after a long and expensive illness:


Thanks, - David Alan Basche

I was introduced to Sam on STAR SEARCH International 1992 and regular season1993. I was a contestant and he was very gracious and a great person to be with. I remember whenever Sam was in my town he would take me out to dinner we would talk about my next step and reminisce -although I was much younger then him I enjoy all the stories.. He introduced me to people in the music industry and was very funny and taught me about the business in the short time I had spent with him..thanks Sam--Damir Stosic

I was friends with Sam and Adrianne his wife for years. Before he married I was actually his roommate for awhile. He is an honorable, smart, charming and talented person. If anyone can put me in contact with him I would be grateful. [email protected]

I was working at KHJ when they became Rock n Roll and Boss Radio. I was the payroll clerk. I loved every minute working there. Imagine a teenager, my first job out of high school, and I was working at KHJ long before they changed their format to Rock n Roll. I saw so many personalities. One of the most popular personalities that performed when I worked there was Sonny and Cher. They would drive up in their black limo and then perform on 9th Street West. I also remember Lovin' Spoon Full, BB King, Bobby Sherman, and so many others, and of course the DJs. It was fun to sort of hang out with them. They were all so magnificent to listen to on air. Their voices were pitch- perfect. There has never been better music! Exhilarating!!!

I grew up listening to and watching Sam. He was "in my life" for years... Seemed like a great guy. I was 13 in 1967. Lived in L.A. So for me, it was KHJ, 9th St. West, Groovy show, Boss City or whatever it was called,etc. I think I talked to him a few times while he was on the air. He was friendly. I think he was at KDAY, early 70's, when I talked with him. Kam Nelson. Boy, I remember her also. We all had crushes on her. Great times, my friends! Hi Sam! Stay well....

I first met Sam Riddle when he was a Texas Tech studentin Lubbock TX.
He also was working at KDUB am1340.
In 1958,after moving to El Paso, I ran into Sam again as he was now at KELP am920. He helped me get a part time job at the station which started my 50 year plus career in radio broadcasting.

I know Sam Riddle, without a doubt, better than most anyone outside of his family.
He is one of the most kind-hearted individuals I’ve ever known.
I feel Blessed to count him among my most cherished friends.

I was on Boss City in 1967, Brook Brenton was the guest... Walked out front after the show and ran into Sam Riddle. He walked with me and my bf down Melrose Ave for a bit. He was so down to earth...such a nice guy. I've searched in vain for tapes... Oh I wish there were tapes..

Doesn't every entertainment union have issues with Sam for non payment? It's quite public information.

I dated Sam when he was in college at Texas Tech
Loved him. He was a truly decent man and so much fun.

I went to Paschal High School with Sam when he was a senior and I was a sophomore (1956.) At the time he had his own show on a station that I believe might have been in Cleburne, TX. He introduced me to Kent Burkhart who was a DJ at KXOL in Fort Worth in 1956. He assisted me with making demo taps for a proposed teen talk show with another teenager from another high school in the area. The show never got out of the proposal stage but Sam had a big impact on my life. I would love to make contact with him if that were possible.

I spent some years in the music department and program department of KHJ radio and yes those were amazing times at KHJ radio. "Boss City"..and going to Lucy's El adobe across the street where Governor Brown and Linda Ronstedt and others often were there... the disc jockeys at KHJ were huge celebrities at the time and then Paul Drew from New York entered the scene and changed the format and downgraded the disc jockeys. I recall helping Don Steele pack up his desk when he quit. that is how sam riddle also came about when he was discharged from the military he had a broken leg and had to emcee a rock event on stage and was in some discomfort but he was such a professional and emceed the concert and my sister and I watched the event from side stage and he delivered the evening as though his leg was just okay and recall him as talented and really really down to earth nice! rock on all of those that experienced those fabulous days! the music was great and the scene in L.A. was great.."the good ole days".

I served in the Air Force Reserves with Sam in the 60's. We became friends. Just like to see how he is doing now Joe

I originally met Sam in NYC, in the 70's. I would like to talk to him again. I am not in business in my family's original location, but have the same business in Clarence, NY.

He was such an important part of the music scene. He later became involved with a small radio station, possibly in Santa Monica. I remember driving down the coast, perhaps in the summer of 1971, in Big Sur, when I turned on the radio and heard a live broadcast that he was hosting, with up and coming John Denver, who finished off his set with "Country Roads". Such a great memory.

I believe he closed his radio program with the words, "Mamma, get out those peanut butter and banana sandwiches. I'll be home in 10 minutes. So long, music lovers."

I remember Sam Riddle as Producer of many Music Variety programs like Star Search and the Lou Rawls Parade of Stars. Very talented as a writer and Voice-over artist.

Sam has moved to Palm Desert according to Randy of The Challengers. I met him at a Teen Fair in the 60's as a dancer and ended up dancing on his shows. Such a nice man. He took me on a tour of the recording studio next to where he filmed one of his shows and gave me a history of the studio and all of the #1 hits recorded there and by whom.

I remember watching Sam with Cass Elliott on "Get It Together." I wish someone would release the show on DVD as there were great guests and insightful interviews. I remember seeing Ringo interviewed on the set of Magic Christian and the Ides of March performing "Vehicle."

Oh, WAIT A MINUTE !!! I meant that previous comment for Paul Rasch... Sorry.

Howard, I can give you Sam's contact... e me at: [email protected]

@Chuck Terry I also was "14 in 1967", and living in The Valley, listened to all the Boss jocks, including Sam Riddle on the radio stations. I now remember the name "9th Street West" but had completely forgotten about it. Plus all the other TV dance shows that came & went. Those times were really cool, whether or not we thought they were in the moment back then. I found this on YT, 9th Street West clip https://youtu.be/cIAlNy6hboY Rock on!

Back in "the day", Sam and I were good friends. And, as time went on, I left L.A. and moved across the country, we lost contact and, well, you know the story. If there is anyone reading this stuff that could put me in contact, I would appreciate it. He is a great guy.

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