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Great story about KYNO. In the summer of 1967, I studied for my FCC First Class License at the William B. Ogden Radio Operational Engineering School in Huntington Beach, California. We used to listen to Boss Radio, 93 KHJ. The Real Don Steele in the afternoon, but overnight it was Tom Maule.

I passed the test, returned to San Francisco, and quickly got a job engineering for KFRC, The Big 610. 4 to Midnight, with weekdays off.

Mixed for Jay Stevens until 6 PM, then Dave Diamond from 6 to 9, then Dale Dorman briefly, but he left for KRKO in Boston.

Howard Clark was doing midnight to 6 am, but then he moved to daytimes, and it was Tom Maule brought up from KHJ.

He started at midnight and I left at midnight, so we never worked together, but I had to pinch myself thinking that the DJ I listened to in LA while studying to get into broadcasting was right on the other side of the glass.

It was K.O. Bailey, who took Dorman's place. Maybe imported from KYNO? He had a great voice, but was not a very nice person (or just very nervous in a new job in a major market and unwilling to trust the "kid" on the other side of the glass?)

But K.O. didn't know the music. Stepped on vocal intros, buzzed in early for the next song on songs with a cold end.

I tried to help him but he would have none of it. Being an ex-boxer, he came on my side of the glass and threatened to beat the crap out of me if I didn't respond to his poorly timed buzzes. I stopped trying to help him. He buzzes, I push the button, and the resulting mix just didn't flow. "You've Got Your Troubles, I've Got Mine" and "Along Comes Mary" had cold ends. I knew them by heart, K.O. didn't.

Never liked him much, which may have been why I was only there six months. 90 day probation, but the Chief Engineer wanted to bring his friend in from Seattle to take my place.

So, I stayed on for another 90 days, which means under IBEW it should not have been possible to fire me except for cause, and there was no cause. I was good at what I did. Even for K.O. Bailey.

But I was young and stupid at 20 and didn't fight back, left on NYE 1967 at midnight, leaving my keys in the CE's mailbox and letting myself out the back into Claude Lane with the door forever closing behind me.

It turned out for the best however, as I moved over to TV and became a writer producer director of commercials for a lot more money.

I had a long 17-year career in TV and won a few awards. But at 37, there was no where left to go in TV when the production company where I was sales manager suddenly folded. A TV station resume didn't qualify me for agency work.

So, off to a new career in sales and management in personal computers. The second career of seven in my working life.

Thanks for the memories. Is Jay Stevens still alive? He went to KHJ after KFRC, but I think he ended up working for KROQ, doing afternoon drive. Super nice guy, not much older then I was . . .

This was my time Steve...Damn I remember you!! You were awesome. I too remember KMAK & KYNO....I loved radio then...For me it was people like YOU, Ted Jordan, John Wallace (20/20 News)Harry scarborough, Glen Adams, and many more that passed through the KYNO studios. Mike Novak was awesome as well...! Wish I knew the whereabouts of Ted Jordan or Sam Schwann (Some may be gone-never forgotten) I had the honor of working with Sam Schwann for a while here in the valley. great guy.

Anyway thanks for letting me spout...hit the post hit the post hit the post..tight baby...Wish it all were still here. I've been doing NewsTalk...(Cuz that's what they said Older dudes should do) Thanks Don Martin School/Hollywood & Cherokee-LA!

I was born and raised in Fresno and in school when KMAK and KYNO were slugging it out. What as early and great education that was. There was Morgan, Drake, Jacobs, Dale Dorman, Les Turpin, Sam Schwann Bob Elliott (also known as K.O. Bailey, Frank Terry, Tom Maule, Glen Adams, Sunny Jim Price, Jay Stevens and all those great contests, I thought all radio was like that, I was obviously wrong. Listening to those two stations I knew I wanted to be a disc jockey.
Then to top it off in the mid to late 60’s coming home on leave from the Navy I could hear the Wolf rockin on the mightily 1090 with 50,000 watts of soul power offering prayer cloths, secret agent spy scopes, bibles asking Loretta if she was naked then she could g et closer to the radio because she could hear him better that way. Even when he was selling the crap he was pushing you still wouldn’t tune out. What an entertainer.
We all wondered, is he a white dude, black, brown, yellow or from Mars, but it really didn’t matter what color he was or what planet the Wolfman was from, he was as much theater of the mind as a great jock and we all loved him for it.

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