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I just came across this. Is this the same Bob Foster that worked at KFRC from late 1070 thru the summer of 1972 - and then briefly at KSFX in 1974?

Bob Foster, Happy Jack, Gary Mitchell and Ray Gilmore were four WIBG air personalities that did three-hour shifts when Paul Drew came in around April 1968 at the beginning of the Drake format ("The Big 99").

my name is James D.Burns.Bob Foster was my uncle my Mothers Brother. My number is 985-634-1392 call I would love to keep his memory alive.

Would you know if Bob Foster, your uncle, ever worked at WTAX in Springfield, Il in 1968 before he went to WIBG.

To James D. Burns

I have some pictures and airchecks of Bob Foster, as I said above but don't know how to put them online or how to get in touch with you.


One other thing. Did you know your uncle was in a movie around 1964 or 1965. It was called Disk O Tek Holiday. Also in it I believe were Hy Lit of WIBG, a station Bob later worked at, and Arnie Ginsburg of WMEX.

I'm sorry to hear your uncle passed away. Bob Foster was my favorite DJ when he worked here in Baltimore. Well at least at WITH. I don't remember listening to him at WCAO and I now regret that. I have airchecks of him at 7 different radio stations. I heard he left radio in the 70's and went into real estate. I thought he was a news person mostly at WTIX but had a Sunday night show on WTIX. When he left WTIX he went back to being a DJ full time. I also have a picture of him on a WITH Baltimore survey and a KFRC survey and the WIBG survey that shows here. Do you know if your uncle ever worked in Norfolk, WEAM in Washington and WMEX in Boston?

Bob Foster is my uncle.All family members are saddened by the news of his passing. If anyone has any memorabilia,I would love for you to share it with me. Thanks

According to the death certificate, Bobby Neal Foster, my uncle, passed away on October 1, 2015 in Lakeport California. He was my uncle and I lived in new Orleans when he worked there at WTIX. He was a great guy, loved to fish, and always had us laughing!

Sadly Bob Foster passed away on November 4, 2015 in Ft. Jones, CA. He suffered from renal failure, emphysema, a mass in his lungs, malnutrition and senile dementia.

One more comment. I read something on the internet by Paul Drew stating that he hired Bob foster from WTIX to work at WQXI using the name J. Robert Foster to do news. I know a lot of the stations Bob Foster worked at but I didn't know about WQXI. I think he worked in Norfolk, but I don't know the station, WEAM in washington and WMEX in Boston before coming to Baltimore.

Bob foster was my favorite deejay when he worked here in Baltimore. Unfortunately I never heard him on WCAO only on WITH later.

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